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Paddle bag for greenland paddle3-layer paddle bag has good protection against impacts during the transportation.

P.S. Do not storage wet paddle in the bag and use the bag only for transportation.


Kayak paddle bags are your best friends when you want to keep your kayak paddle from harm. It is almost given that when you order yourself a brand new kayak paddle you want to keep it as safe as possible. We offer a very nice Kayak paddle bag for sale. Our paddle bag is three layered and it should protect your paddle from any possible harm. Our paddle bag comes in three sizes which are:
M 210-220cm ( 82 ⅝ – 86 ⅝ in),
L 220-230cm ( 86 ⅝ – 90 4/8 in.),
XL 230 – 240cm ( 90 ⅝ – 94 4/8 in).


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M 210-220cm, 82 5/8-86 5/8in, L 220-230cm, 86 5/8-90 4/8in, XL 230-240cm, 90 4/8-94 4/8in