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NEW! Aleutian paddle, the best cruising paddle

NEW! Aleutian paddle, the best cruising paddle

The new Aleutian paddle is a solid western red cedar, with an embedded layers of carbon that provides the paddle with significant strength and stability. The carbon lamination of this Aleutian paddle uses innovative material and processing science developments from the University laboratory.

Considering the length, aleutian paddles should be approximately 10cm (or 4 inches) longer than greeland paddles.

Aleutian paddle is traditional paddle, coming originally from Aleutian Islands, Alaska. Unlike greenland paddles, aleutian paddle has asymmetrical blades. One side of the blade (sometimes referred as sculling side) is almost flat and suits perfectly for sculling and rolling. The other side of the blade (power face) has a raised ridge running along the centerline of the blade. It helps to prevent the blade from chattering and allows to make more powerful strokes. Those two sides together give you a paddle, which is both quiet and powerful.

Probably the best cruising paddle ever!


VIDEO! Greenland Paddles With NEW Laboratory Tested BoneEdge

VIDEO! Greenland Paddles With NEW Laboratory Tested BoneEdge

Greenland paddles with new laboratory tested BoneEdge are now available. Probably the strongest and the brightest wooden paddle tips on the market. Extra strong and more glow are the key words of the next season. Be the first to have this next level Greenland paddle!

B2B partners are welcome to PaddleExpo in Nürnberg, Germany at 4-6.10.2019. You can test the strength of our Greenland paddles in our booth Q50.

glowing in the dark greenland kayak paddle

First glow-in-the-dark Greenland paddle in the market

First glow-in-the-dark greenland paddle on the market

Text by Kessu Siirak
Photo by Björn Nehrhoff

glowing in the water

Want to combine beautiful traditional design with a modern feature that adds to your safety and general awesomeness? Look no further, here is exactly what you are searching for – our BoneEdge Glow.

How does it work?

Unlike conventional pigments, photo-luminescent fillers are not primary light reflectors, but are actual sources of light. They absorb radiant energy from sunlight (or artificial lighting) and convert it into longer wavelengths in the visible spectrum, thereby emitting it as light with the sensation of colors. Glow pigments will release light for up to 5-6 hours in darkness and “charge up” in 20-30 minutes.

Safety and durability

Glowing in the dark BoneEdge is harmless, non-toxic, non-radioactive and non-hazardous.

Your traditional paddle can have a nifty additional detail that allows you to paddle quietly in the dark, yet not loose sight of each other. The fluorescent eye on your blade is pretty cool and works all night but of course be aware that it is no substitute for proper safety gear that makes you visible to other crafts and vessels.