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Västervik Outdoor Festival 2022

Västervik outdoor festival poster

Västervik Outdoor Festival är tillbaka 2022. Boka in den 4-5 juni för en helg i Västervik fylld av äventyr och aktiviteter för alla oss som älskar natur och friluftsliv. En nyhet för i år är att stora delar av festivalen flyttar till Västervik Resort, där ett nytt eventområde byggs upp runt stranden vid Saunan.

Outdoor Festivalen blir inte bara två dagar i år, utan också på flera platser. Som vanligt är det en blandning av tävlingar, uppvisningar, prova-på-aktiviteter och annat kul på programmet.

I det nya området på Västervik Resort kommer en särskild satsning på kajakpaddling att ske. Här kommer det att finnas utställare från hela kajaksverige, shower, föreläsningar, traditionellt grönlandspaddlartest av EastPole Paddles och även en tävling i rollen som Grönland.

– Det är så klart väldigt kul att äntligen kunna genomföra festivalen efter två års uppehåll. Det är också spännande att se hur området vid Västervik Resort kommer växa fram med stora möjligheter att skapa en ännu härligare outdoorkänsla än vi har i stadskärnan, säger Johan Öhrling Elltorp, evenemangssamordnare på Västervik Framåt.

Mer information: www.vastervikoutdoor.com

greenland paddle into the water

5 reasons to go for a Greenland paddle

5 reasons to go for a Greenland paddle

Photo by Björn Nehrhoff

There is no side to choose between the Euro blade and Greenland paddle – they each have pros and cons so I won’t argue the supremacy of either, rather just highlight the ways in which the Greenlander has enriched my paddling experience and for sure will level up yours!


The Greenland paddle is a natural piece of time-hewn wisdom, it is equipment that has been improved and perfected over thousands of years and you feel all that flow when paddling traditionally. It’s a whole new sensation that, funnily enough, may throw you off the first couple of tries because it requires a bit of mastering to sincerely be enjoyable, but once you achieve that, with not too much effort, you know you are hooked to the natural vibe of a traditional paddle for life.


Going on the water, I always bring both. There is a time and place for each and for me, I like to start out to sea with my Euro blade and swap paddles half way through, especially on longer trips, because the Greenlander is so fluent and swift that it asks little to no effort from your joints, plus being so compact and light it is a nice back-up to have on your deck. It is interesting and very liberating to swap technique mid-trip, as going from the Euro blade to a Greenland paddle, where your paddling becomes more fast paced but lighter, allows you to rest and recuperate to last long trips so it’s kind of a must-have for lengthy sea kayak trips.


Rolling and sculling – there is no match for a Greenland paddle. The freedom and variety you can have rolling your kayak with a wooden paddle is amazing. The pure buoyancy of the Greenlander helps to make sense of rolling, not to mention it makes the whole thing easier, because the paddle’s shape always tells you for sure, how it’s positioned so learning to roll is a very natural process, using the Greenlander.


Greenland paddling technique differs from Euro blade and the easiest way to learn it is simply to go with the flow. It won’t allow you to make the wrong moves as you feel it right away, the dithering of the blade. Just sense the movement of the paddle …and maybe also watch some videos on YouTube – there are plenty. The paddling options a Greenlander gives you are vast, because the shape of the paddle allows you to effortlessly shift your hands on the paddle to allow power strokes and smooth turning.


Last but not least – the Greenland paddle just looks super sweet! There are so many options and variations out there, which means you have the freedom to find the one that is right for you. The Greenland paddle, besides being enjoyable and eerily quiet, is significant and has a history of it’s own, which is something you can truly appreciate.

Media & Expo

VIDEO! Greenland paddle with new BoneEdge vs concrete at PADDLEexpo 2019

VIDEO! Greenland paddle with new BoneEdge vs concrete at PADDLEexpo 2019

Logo and background photo: PADDLEexpo web

PADDLEexpo is the biggest B2B paddle fair in Europe. 17 years in a row producers and dealers get together in Nürnberg, Germany and present the best invention and products for next season. We were proud to present our new BoneEdge and all the vistiors had a chance to try out which is stronger – the wooden paddle or the rock.


VIDEO! Greenland Paddles With NEW Laboratory Tested BoneEdge

VIDEO! Greenland Paddles With NEW Laboratory Tested BoneEdge

Greenland paddles with new laboratory tested BoneEdge are now available. Probably the strongest and the brightest wooden paddle tips on the market. Extra strong and more glow are the key words of the next season. Be the first to have this next level Greenland paddle!

B2B partners are welcome to PaddleExpo in Nürnberg, Germany at 4-6.10.2019. You can test the strength of our Greenland paddles in our booth Q50.

greenland roll

5 basic Greenland rolls by Eiichi Ito

5 basic Greenland rolls by Eiichi Ito

The best animated greenland roll learning material for beginners. Here you find all upper and lower body movements for 3 basic greenland rolls and 2 scullings. Side sculling, standard roll, chest sculling, reverse sweep roll and storm roll. If you ask why? You´ll find some answers here.

 Eiichi Ito from Japan:
Hi there, I like the Greenlandic Qajaq culture. Especially, storm roll is my favorite. And I’ve been using “animation” as one of its best training methods. As the CG tool evolves, the content also has to grow. The circumstances will be noted on this blog. I’m glad if you can enjoy it. Thanks.

More info: www.storm-on.com