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40 greenland rolls in 5 minutes

VIDEO! Greenland paddler Paul Schröder


Name: Paul Schröder
Age: 37
Profession: Actor
Locaton: Hamburg, Germany
Paddling and rolling: started 2016 and first roll: 2017
Practice: 1-2 times a week
Paddles: EastPole Nanook BoneEdge & EastPole Aleutian, 3 selfmade paddles (one regular built by youtube tutorial, one in a course from Thygesen’s ‘norwegian wood’, one spare paddle)
Kayak: Zegul Arrow Play MV

Paul Schröder: “I learned the rolls mostly by myself. I bought the two dvd’s with Dubside & Maligiac and tried to copy the movements. I took part in 3 or 4 rolling courses. The last was for one day with Dubside in summer 2019 in southern Norway.”

VIDEO: 40 greenland rolls in 5 minutes.


VIDEO! Greenland Paddles With NEW Laboratory Tested BoneEdge

VIDEO! Greenland Paddles With NEW Laboratory Tested BoneEdge

Greenland paddles with new laboratory tested BoneEdge are now available. Probably the strongest and the brightest wooden paddle tips on the market. Extra strong and more glow are the key words of the next season. Be the first to have this next level Greenland paddle!

B2B partners are welcome to PaddleExpo in Nürnberg, Germany at 4-6.10.2019. You can test the strength of our Greenland paddles in our booth Q50.

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5 basic Greenland rolls by Eiichi Ito

5 basic Greenland rolls by Eiichi Ito

The best animated greenland roll learning material for beginners. Here you find all upper and lower body movements for 3 basic greenland rolls and 2 scullings. Side sculling, standard roll, chest sculling, reverse sweep roll and storm roll. If you ask why? You´ll find some answers here.

 Eiichi Ito from Japan:
Hi there, I like the Greenlandic Qajaq culture. Especially, storm roll is my favorite. And I’ve been using “animation” as one of its best training methods. As the CG tool evolves, the content also has to grow. The circumstances will be noted on this blog. I’m glad if you can enjoy it. Thanks.

More info: www.storm-on.com